Friday, July 3, 2009

YAY...My Arashi and NewS's CDs finally arrived...

2 weeks ago, i ask yuen sheen whether she can help me order some CDs from the net, she agreed to help me out. Haha...She know I'm a CD freak !!! And she 100 x 100 % trust ME!!!

Here are the list that i ordered...

1. NewS - Koi no ABO (Normal Edition) (JP Ver)
2. Arashi - Love so sweet (Normal Edition) (JP Ver)
3. Arashi - Time (Normal Edition) (KR Ver)
4. Arashi - Ashita no Kioku / Crazy Moon - Kimi wa Muteki (1st Press Edition A) (HK Ver)
5. Arashi - Crazy Moon - Kimi wa Muteki / Ashita no Kioku (1st Press Edition B) (HK Ver)

my recent arashi's collection...need to expand more!!!

all the CDs that I ordered!!

I bought this last week.. Namie Amuro's latest single 'WILD/ Dr.

my *BabY*

: S
* Forgot to mention that last week I was lucky enough to saw both of arashi's latest PV for crazy moon & Ashita no kioku that was aired on MTV...Damn it..How lucky was that!!

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