Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ayumi Hamasaki New Single - Sunrise / Sunset -Love is All-

I got crazy over Ayu's previous single Rule/Sparkle which is freakin' awesome...
When the video for RULE was release, I was watched it almost everyday..See how huge the impact of Ayumi!!!

After releasing her 10th album 'NEXT LEVEL' and her PREMIUM COUNTDOWN LIVE DVD, Ayu is back with her 46th single called Sunrise / Sunset -Love is All-

This is double A-side single...I've heard the fast paced tune Sunrise which is not bad. But I can't wait to listen Sunset which is supposed to be a wistful ballad. Both song will contain a video...

What really makes me go even crazier about this highly anticipated single is the COVER..Ever wonder how to use the word HOT, SEXY AND GORGEOUS?? Ayu's latest single cover MAKES ME GO SPEECHLESS AND ALMOST FAINT!!!

look at those tone abs..she must had work hard for it...take care...

what else can I say about this cover??

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