Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last week updates!!!

Last Thursday, our economics class went to visit Beryl's Chocolate factory
It was a fun experience although we did not spend too long there...
The processes of making chocolates are very tedious and yet we eat it JUST LIKE THAT ><"

Besides, there also a store selling assorted Beryl's Chocolate which enough to make any chocolate lovers to *faint* on the spot!

I did buy a couple of chocolate. Besides, we buy Tiramisu chocolate for our beloved Ms Kalai, which is my speech lecturer...She love UNHEALTHY chocolate especially those very sweet one instead of the dark chocolate...She love it to bits!!!

BERYL'S since 1995

Beryl's guard house!!

the factory!!

inside a room where we watched the video of the process of making chocolate!

i think this is either the display room for the chocolate, i not sure about it!

cute right!

for display only..There are various type of KIT KAT in Japan such as kiwi,honey dew, mango!

group pic

JIA WEI & BENNY...friends since standard 1 but different secondary school. Now we both study at INTI!

12 years of friendship!!!



to ms kalai from ben,deedee,guai,liann,shu wan,choy hui!!!

fried laksa in ss14..this is genius!!

Throughout last week, my parents was having exhibition in KLCC convention centre.
Me and my brother joined them on Saturday...
Nothing special though!

my parents' booth NTT HEATING SDN BHD...

my card..EXHIBITOR!!

kenny rogers for lunch

the famous muffins...the fragrant :)

on the way back..my mum's armani exchange sunglass

As for last week Thursday, me and my gang suppose to go clubbing at Quattro, KL
But I did not make it eventually due to deep consideration and reasons...
At last, I still did not break my rules YET!!

I proud of myself for not going CLUBBING for once until now!
My mum gave me advices and said that it was still young for me to go that kind of place, There are plenty of opportunity for you to go such place in the future. Now it's not the right timing!! Your priority is to study..
I accepted her advices and felt relief!

I know some people will think that I am some college freak who don't go clubbing and always stay at home.
Even if is true, SO WHAT??
Must I follow the trend? Must I celebrate my b'day in club like what others do? I don't think so
As for weekend Saturday, I hang out with michelle (sik yee) & sexy swee (swee huan). It's been quite some time since the last time i've met up with them.

3 of us had a tough time on figuring where to feed our hunger. We are as noisy as pasar malam when discussing insides swee huan's car..

At last, we go Subang Parade to eat KFC for dinner and that go 'TA KEI'...hehe
Later on, they come to my house to chilled and chat for quite long :P
We still have many topics to talk about and still very close to each other...really appreciate that!! :)

We camwhored a lil bit since I hardly take photos with them lately!!





we spills secret to each other!!!

we really enjoy that night..all those funny moments!!

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