Tuesday, July 28, 2009

V6's Very Best II and Cho (Butterfly) single...& Junichi Okada's drama!!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been listening to V6's song lately and it turns out that I really like their music just like Arashi & NewS...

Although some considers them as a old band since they debut in 1995, many are not really familiar with their songs...But for me, their songs are great...

My 1st purchase from them is their 10th album 'Voyager' and I was temtped to purchase their previous release album and single...I found that Junichi Okada's vocal are somehow amazing. His vocal was a unique blend of little husky yet refreshing and relax voice which is very enjoyable to listen to. His solo song such as "NO FIN" and Yume ni Ai ni are my favorite...It is hard to make comparison between Ninomiya Kazunari (my fav member from Arashi) and Junichi Okada since both of them carrys different vocal ability. Ninomiya Kazunari's vocal was soothing, smooth, and sometimes a little high pitch...He solo song such as Niji (Rainbow), Himitsu (Secret), Gimmick Game are great

The best way to get familiar with their previous release songs is through their greatest hits CD.

Very Best II is V6's second greatest hits release which comprises song from CHANGE THE WORLD to GOOD DAY!!...Since it only available in Normal Edition, I had no choice but to purchase it..Once again, I was not dissapointed with my purchase. At the same time, I also bought their 33th single 'CHO' which means Butterfly in English. The is song contains Spanish influence and it is instantly likeable song which makes you feel like dancing TANGO whenever you listen to it...

Besides, I was hooked on Junichi Okada's drama entitled SP (Security Police)..This drama receives high ratings in Japan and it was critically acclaimed by critics. Moreover, Junichi Okada was praised for his outstanding and breath taking performance in the drama. This intensifying drama got me addicted because of its brilliant storyline...It's mainly about Junichi Okada being a SP who possess special abilities which makes him standout among other SPs and his duty is to protects all the VIPs (such as politician) and prevent any possible assassination from terrorists & assassins. It is like one those thrilling drama that kept you craving for the next episode because you are eager to find out what will happen next. This drama resembles one of my favorite hong kong drama ' FORENSIC HEROES ' which shared certain similarities...

Another drama from Junichi Okada is called 'The Eldest Brother and His 3 Younger Sister' (Suekko chounan ane san nin)
The story is basically about how Okada was married to his wife (Eri Fukatsu) and how did they deal with the issues where they were force to stay with Okada's sisters. The drama was hilarious because these newlyweds find themselves caught up in all kinds of family troubles...

V6's Cho single & Very Best II

Butterfly ...

Suekko chounan ane san nin (The eldest boy and his 3 eldest sisters)

SP drama

SP special

Junichi Okada


youngest member in V6

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