Monday, July 13, 2009


Since last week, I've been lectured by my mum for quite some time regarding about to open a saving a account in CIMB bank...

After all the mumble that I suffered from, I finally get my ass off to CIMB bank to satisfy my mum on Friday.
Luckily there wasn't many people there, so I managed to complete in less than 30 minutes.
After that, I went to watch Beyonce's latest movie "Obsessed" with chin yong...
Everyone gotta trust me, the show was awesome!!!
Beyonce is one fierce lady that kick ass!!!!!!

Actually, my early intention is to watch the spine chilling yet brutal movie named 'The Last House on The Left'.
However, the showtime was rather not 'user friendly' enough!!! DAMN
The only timing that TGV offers for that movie is 6.30pm & 11.30pm
How could I wait until that time??
So, I screwed that intention eventually!!

Luckily, 'Obsessed' was good enough to satisfy my needs for excitements and thrills!!
Ali Larter was smokin' hot in the movie with the role Lisa Sheridan..
I was quite shocked with her character in the movie which is totally different from the drama 'Heroes' which she stared in...

Something happened after I come out from the cinema!!
29 missed call and 5 messages!
Nothing else come to the picture except my mum!
She is the only person will do such nothing until I pick up her call
I received her call shortly and I expected with such question ' Can I know where are you' and you wouldn't want to know the rest!!!!

Obsessed!! I fully understand how women can be so possessive yet intimidating when it concern about LOVE !

denise & guai drink * this pic was taken like last 2 week* I was jealous at denise's drink!!!

NANDOS *this was like taken 3 weeks ago* I post it to feed my readers' visual satisfaction!! (got it, rachel?)

i dunno what is this called but it was finger lickin' good!! NANDOS

BASKIN ROBIN! How can anyone ever resist such mouth watering GREEN TEA ICE CREAM??

I know I am vain!!

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