Friday, July 31, 2009

Advertising Presentation...

I just completed my Advertising Presentation on Thursday.

To be frank, I was dissapointed at myself due to my poor performances...
I felt that I've did not reach my group mates expectations...

I just couldn't pull it off during the presentation which makes me even angrier ><"
I also cannot imagine the fact that I forgot my points and almost screw up my part...
Luckily, Joan, one of my group mates help me out and I was being RESCUED from such embarassing moments..

Maybe I was too pressure when I was having presentation with them (Joan & Tuan Tynn)
Tuan Tynn was fluent and did a great job in explaining her part just like a pro !! Same goes to Joan!!

My lecturer also emphasize that she will not focus too much on the presentation grade, she is interested more on our print ad and story board...

Overall, I think our group really did a great job for our project.
I really enjoy working with Tuan Tynn and Joan.
To be honest, I learned a lot from them which I truly appreciates .

With our effort, we managed to produced our desired advertising print ad and story board... Wait..I need to mention this also.
I also must send my deepest gratitudes to Tuan Tynn's talented boyfriend and cousin for lending us a big hand


group pic...everyone is with their project!


Tian Xin ..bennY

Shannon's Rosette Love Advertising Print Ad...Really like her's hilarious and awesome!

this is our story it...

our beloved print ad!!

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