Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Speech presentation is over! movies anyone?

I've been transformed into a multi tasking bee throughout last week and not even have time to relax!!!

However, my strong sense of consistency had help me gone through all the obstacles! I completed 2 major task today. The first is pass up economics assignment and speech presentation!! Oh ya, I also got back my economic mid term paper. I expected my results to range within 35 to 40 out of 50. But I when I got back my result, I only get 30/50..Fine, I did screwed up some part. I would not let my results affect my mood because I have speech presentation which I can't afford to screw up .

Finally, the long awaited moment had arrived. Today, I will be facing one of my biggest challege. The day before my speech, I still managed to convinced myself to stay calm. I did practice and memorize some main point..I hope to score for this presentation.

But. I can't force myself not to think about the presentation. Whenever I see my clock hitting 12pm, my heart beat faster. By the time, it hit 1pm, I already start sweating due to my nervousness...Who don't get nervous anyway?

Denise borrowed me a tie because she helping Victor, 0ne of my classmate, to bring one, so she brought extra one. First time to present with a tie, I wasn't quite use to it but no choice. It was compulsory! The speech begin with Denise, aka, Denise Pereira. Her speech was good as usual but due to poor time management, she did not completes her entire speech. She still summarized all her point and managed to give conclusion.

Later on, the others' turn to give their speech. I can't stop moving when I was nervous. I just don't know why. Ms Kalai noticed my eccentric behavior and start giving me a wicked evil smile. Finally, after all those times I've been waiting for, It's my TURN!!!!

Suprisingly, I managed to start smoothly. As I continue, I can feel that I was energized with strong confidence. I did not look at my paper at all. Basically, I think I fulfilled every requirement of giving a persuasive speech. But I think as I try to make it more seriously, I did pause quite a few time in order to create the serious impact to relate to my audience. When I was about to talk about my 3rd paragraph, Ms Kalai show her finger and indicate to me that I only left one more minute! I was like 'shit, my poor time management ! '. This not only happened to me, quite a few of my classmate also did not manage to complete in 5 minutes.

So, I only managed to discussed briefly about my 3rd point and quickly jump into conclusion because I still need to explains about my visual aid. My visual aid are some pictures that regard to the prostitution issues. Besides, I also brought condoms which I borrowed from choy hui because it was given to her by her friend as a christmas present. Everyone expression was smiling then Sutesh was like laughing out loud..Really pai seh!!!

durex condom as my visual aid. Don't think sengek one side ar!!!!

After everyone completed their speech, Ms Kalai reveals our marks by giving us a evaluation grading paper. I get 20/25. I was quite satisfied with it because I think I could have give my best. As I scolled my eyes down to the comments section, I saw my weaknesses and strength. Ms Kalai mentioned that I was confident, know my topic well, and having a good visual aid. Besides, she also wrote that I have poor time management, language and grammar mistakes. As what she always correct me during in class, once again I repeated it which is lack of the expression and dramatic movements that able to make my speech more lively!!!

Anyway, I tried my best and I accepted my grades. As expected again for every presentation, it's pictures time!! Hope you guys enjoy !

my beloved speech class and Ms Kalai...Best lecturer ever.

the girls


saw my hand holding something?

^.^ " happy family

SPC 205..speech communication!

benny. denise . sutesh



choy hui, denise, guai & shu wan!

choy hui * Benny

unidentified human (denise)*Guai* Benny

me, myself and I

benny * deedee pereira!

I-Hsuan * Benny

I don't why I always camwhore when I have presentation =.=

Deedee pereira, I love your tie but got SMELL!!! thanks anyway

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