Thursday, August 6, 2009

Final Presentation...Impromtu Speech

It was kinda intimidating when I recalled back how many presentations I have during this semester...

This is the first time I've experienced that 3 out of 4 subject have presention
Speech Communication, Philosophy of Religion, and Introduction to Advertising
Fortunately, everything is over because next week is my final exam...

The final exam time table was not FRIENDLY enough
Monday - speech communication
Tuesday - Microeconomic
Saturday - Religion and Advertising

My goodness..both theory subject in one day, how can that possibly happened to me?
Haiz, no choice but to accept it.

I gonna talk about my impromtu speech presentation now for this post...
Last Monday, I had my last presentation for speech communication.
For me, I think can be considered the most challenging, nerves wrecking, and most intimidating presentation ever.

The rules and regulations for impromtu speech
1. you are not imform about your topic that you are going to talk about
2. you will get your topic on the day of the presentation
3. you are required to prepares the speech in 5 min ON THE SPOT in another room
4. you are required to presents the speech in 5 min ALSO

To say that I was not nervous at all is a totally not true
The only matter that bother me is the topic that I'm going to get instead of stage freight...
The topic I get is SUICIDE!!!!!!

Argh...I was a NEWBIE in explaining such deep and dark issues. Actually I was hoping to get topic that related to student or maybe family issue will do great...
The most critical moments had arrived when Shu Wan comes in to inform me that TIMES UP.

I was shivering with fear because I did not manage to construct my conclusion.
Before I start to speak, I stoned for few seconds then only I continues
Beginning was ok. My forehead start to sweat and whole body begin to heat up ><"

However, I've made a huge mistake by pausing too long because my mind was in the process of constructing the sentence for conclusion... At last, I just end it with a simple sentence...

The grade for this presentation was rather dissapointing compare to previous 17.5 out of 25 isn't what I expected at the first place...
Although I was highest in my class,it was nothing to be proud of because it was really not up to my standard... At the end, I accepted it with positive thinking :)


the girls

people who are nuts...especially the middle one!!!

tadaa..this is the middle one!! deedee!!! But I' short here and looks like a PET!!!

guai luv sutest!! no lar, they are just friends

future entrepreneur??

my neck going to patah..not really, I was just pretending... =.=

wth..i was squeeze in the middle!

sure going to miss all the moments with them!


ann promoting a newly launched bubble tea shop!

really certified as MIANG LAO BEN!! as created by denise

ben: what you want now? want fight is it?
denise : chi sin (crazy) !! u talk some more, I use my 5 inch ALDO heel to CHAP (cantonese) your kaki then u know!!!


at staircase also can take picture...

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