Monday, August 10, 2009

My collection is pilling up !!!

Last Sunday, Bee called me up around 10.30am and ask me go for breakfast!!
Actually I eaten breakfast with my family already but since she is coming then just go out only lar since quite some time no see her d...haha

Then we head to Subang Parade for food!
Initial plan was to eat Uncle Lim but none of them food in the menu suit the BEE's stomach!!! wakaka

Then she suggest to eat at Secret Recipe and I agreed with her on the spot! Cuz that's my favorite!!

I ordered the Apple Cheese Slice which I found slightly dissapointed!!!
I should have ordered Chocolate Brownies or my all time favorite LEMON CHEESE!!
Guess what did Bee ordered? CHOCOLATE BANANA!! She is actually eating BANANA!! I mean BANANA which is ?????????

I know Melanie also like dining at Secret Recipe !!
She always order Cordon Bleu, which is some sort Chicken Chop with the melted cheese in the middle of it ..Simply irresistable~~ and also luv CHOCOLATE BANANA~~

Later on, grabbed some Japanese movie DVD from Rock Corner, my favorite place ever!
What really shocked me is when I found out that Ninomiya Kazunari's DOOR TO DOOR DVD was released already! I've been waiting this movie to released for AGES!!

I just grab without checking the price!!! and I also bought Ken Miyake's (V6 member) horror movie called "Vanished"...

Later on, Bee send me back and something happened
When I about to get down from her car, she open her passenger seat drawer and pass me parcel!
And that really freaks me out as in I was overwhelmed with such suprise!
It was actually my CDs that I ordered had arrived.
But she pretend like nothing happened when she come and fetch me. Nice one!
I was suprised by her! But thanks anyway

I know..I'm a psycho CD freak but WHO CARES??

I order mostly V6's single (4 of them) and Arashi's latest chart topper single "Everything". "Everything" single sold less than their previous 2 single but still managed to claim the 1st place in Oricon Weekly Single Chart with weekly sales over 340000 copies..Congrats!!

Besides, "Everything" also beat out Tohoshinki's latest single "Stand By You"!!
Avex had done a WRONG marketing strategy by releasing Tohoshinki's single same date with Arashi. If not, Tohoshinki might have get No. 1...haha

V6's Jasmine / Rainbow ( First Press Edition A) (CD+DVD)

V6's Good Day !! ( First Press Edition A) (CD+DVD)

V6's SPIRIT (First Press Edition B) (2CD)

V6's Light in Your Heart / Swing ! (First Press Edition B) (CD+DVD)

Last but not least..Arashi's 'Everything' single (First Press Edition) (CD+DVD)


nicely added to my collection!!

Ken Miyake's first leading role in this horror movie 'Vanished'

I cried in this's moving, sad, heart warming, motivating...what else can I say about ninomiya's acting skill...SUPERB..

green tea ice blended from secret recipe..Prefers Starbucks one!!

Bee's banana chocolate..mY BaNA!!

Bee's hot chocolate!! I wonder why Bee eat all chocolate stuff that day??

Benny's Apple Cheese Slice (*when i type the name, sounds like I owned cakes house and it was baked by ME!! =.=)

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