Thursday, August 20, 2009

My immune system is GOOD!!!

Seriously...I really hate semester break because I tend to be very lifeless because no plan was made!!!

To make the situation even worse is the H1N1 that freaks the world out..
This stupid pandemic is getting uncontrollable and some said that the virus itself had mutated...I'm like 'Screw that virus that appeared out of nowhere!! '

My brother just recovered from high fever last 2 week ago..
His peak temperature was 38.9
And that really makes my parents go CRAZY because they are afraid he might get infected by the H1N1...

My parents spend almost RM500 on his medical fees..from traditional medicine to SJMC..
Woah...That is quite a huge amount!!!

Since I started my holiday, the first day was boring!!!
Ok then, but when reach Wednesday, I start to feel some "HOTNESS" in my body...
Then muscles start to get PAIN and I quickly sensed there is something wrong with me.
Water is essential for me to cool down first then I approached my parents for advices for the medicine prescription...

My peak temperature was 38.2... :O

But, besides all these, I even had diarrhoea...
I have no idea what the heck I've eaten but I guess must be the whole bottle of yogurt drink that I bought...*GREEDY ME*
Whatever I eat will definitely cause me to look for toilet in a few minutes =.=

But I did recovered in the speed of light!
It only took me about 1 day then my temperature had dropped to 37!!
My immune system was somehow quite efficient :)

I need to be fully recovered before the weekends approach because my parents might going SHOPPING !\ Perhaps KLCC or Pavillion? haha
I have not really indulge myself in anything since my holidays started this week...
Moreover...Movies and karaoke session had been banned by my parents!!

Besides, I also wonders when is the last time I eat SUSHI?? I can't recall anything!
I'm thinking of persuading my parents to bring us go for Japanese buffet this weekend!!
Let's see how the persuasion turn out to be.. :) or maybe is there anyone is free enough company me for SUSHI??

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