Friday, August 21, 2009

YES!! PATIENTLY WAITING ....Girls' Generation & Arashi

I finally secured a copy of Arashi's ALL THE BEST 1999-2009(Limited Edition)(HK ver)
I ask Bee to pre-order it once it was announced at yesasia :)
I cannot afford miss out this amazing release from them.

Although it was slightly expensive (RM106), but it worth every penny of it with 3CDs
It's official release date for Japan version was August 19, 2009 which is just few day ago...whereas HK version will release on September 11, 2009.

You will never believe how much is their 1st day sales for their greatest hits CD
An impressive of 261,076 copies was SOLD on its 1st day!!!!!!
In addition, another 170,000++ was sold on 2nd day
In total for 2 day sales already cracked up to 432,122 copies
I really cannot imagine how much will it be for their weekly sales..
Possibilities are high for them to hit 1 million in sales ?

To avoid paying shipping fees, I also ordered Girls' Generation mini album - GENIE!!
I love them till death...
1st - All of them are freaking gorgeous
2nd - All of them sing quite well * especially *Taeyeon *
3rd - All of them have KILLER LEGS *just like my BEE, haha*
4th - All of them are freaking cute

So their album also A MUST BUY !!

Girls' Generation's latest mini album GENIE


love their marine outfit!! sexy and sophisticated



TAEYEON *she is my fav member :)





HYOYEON *I salute her dancing skills!


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