Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some random stuff ! tegomass/V6/SHINee

Yesterday, I've text messages to my bee and even called her many times but I just could not get contact with her .

My initial intention of looking for Bee is to ask whether my CDs had arrived or not..

I phoned her sister and her sis told me that she was out but have no idea where she head to!!
She also told me that my stuff had just arrived on Saturday!!

After my confirmation with her sister, then I tried to called BEE again to tell her that I've collected my stuff and passed the balance money to her sister!
* I walk all the way to Bee's house (USJ 1) to collect it! Call me crazy? I am :)

My CDs..finally arrived!


Coming Century's mini album 'Hello Goodbye' (1st Press Edition A with DVD)

V6's 'way of life' single (1st Press Edition B with BONUS CD)

Tegomass's 'Tanabata Matsuri' single (1st Press Edition with DVD)


SHINee's mini album 'ROMEO'. I bought it within this week. The 50 page booklet itself was nice.

the back of the booklet featured a single member of SHINee. I got TaeMin! I wanted Junghyon or KEY!!

And yet again, I failed to reach her which make me kinda worried about her!
I even called again at night but yet AGAIN unreachable!
Unless she was outstation, if not how come she can't be reach?
The only thing I do is try to call her the next day!

Today, I finally KNOW where is she when I msg her and GUESS what she written in her msg??

You so SCARED I lost ar???

When I saw the msg, I almost burst into laughters!! because the way she wrote is so funny!

Then I start to think 'Bee in Island?? how come? never heard of from her!
I even think that she PURPOSELY go to island to get her body TANNED!! :P
*Joking only. It will be a miracle if Bee wanna get her body TANNED! She always wanted to be as fair as possible LIKE 'CAT PUTIH' ..haha

Actually she was on a vacation in Pulao Tioman with her bf and her bf's family..
Hope you DID have fun there... ^.^

Seriously 'ZA DAO' and SPEECHLESS =.=
Because out of SUDDEN she told me she was in ISLAND which I never think of.

Finally, my semester are almost ending soon in couple of days more !
Looking forward for my upcoming short semester which is not so HEAVY.

By the way, I've taken my previous semester results and it was below expectation for certain subjects.
But somehow I was lucky for ONE particular subject which I had nightmare of failing it...Phew =.=
An ' A ' was not included in my result slip for my previous semester. But it was still acceptable for me.

1.Speech Communication - B
2.Intro to Advertising - B
3.Philosophy of Religion - C+
4. Microeconomics - B-
I've shown my mum the results slip and she said she was OK with it .
But she hope that I can increase my CGPA to 3.0
Because my CGPA for this semester drop slightly from 2.88 to 2.85

Her advice is that 'Why would you want to maintain such flat results which range within 2.7-2.8...If you put more effort in it, I bet 3.0 is definitely not a problem to you'

I agreed with her. I admitted that I did not really put much effort for finals.
I will try to best to hit 3.0 for the following semester which is also my 5th sem!

Besides, the subject that I will be taking for next semester is Cultural Antropology, Macroeconomics, and Malaysian Studies!

I hope it will turn out to be just fine for me :)

Since today is Sunday, my parents bring us to YUMCHA at Tai Thong Restaurant which located at Jaya Square, Subang Jaya.

We reach there around 11.30 a.m and we are quite hungry..since it was almost lunch time.

delicious chinese delicacies!!

Ayumi Hamasaki's Secret Poster...I got it for free! *drools*

Namie Amuro's Best Fiction poster. I also got it for free!

I got this since last year...again for FREE!! :)

now, I got two version of the GORGEOUS poster...It's freaking rare!!

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