Thursday, September 10, 2009

Upcoming cultural anthropology research and FINAL DESTINATION 4

I almost lost the urge to blog since last week..but somehow certain thing cause me to blog again.

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post. I already started my new semester in the beginning of September..So the first week was pretty much the same as usual..

One of the subject I take is Cultural Anthropology. It require a group member of 6 to produce a report which page requirement exceed 100 pages!! My first ever assignment which such amount of pages!! Quite intimidating though but still have to complete it...

Basically the assignment was about choosing a rural area and done a thorough research on it...For examples, like those fishing village, or maybe plantation village...The factors that we must consider includes economics , religion & belief, political system, food and health...and so on..

My group, which consist Shu Wan, Poulina, Li Xia, Jerrod, Kah Heng and myself choosen Tanjung Sepat as our destination for this project...Many claims that place serve many delicious seafood which they are particularly famous for it...*DROOLS*

So, pictures will be guarantee taken...So readers, stay tuned for it...We are going during the Raya week holiday!! Kinda excited for it!!

Besides, I finally get the opportunity to treat myself a movie which I've been waiting for quite some time..FINAL DESTINATION 4!!!

I would not say it was one of the best among it franchise series in terms of plot, storyline and character. But I was quite enjoy all the splatting body parts scenes and most of all BLOODS & GORE are PLENTY!!!
*I know, I sounds kinda sadistic here, but it was awesome though!

The only thing that made me dissapointed is the fact that whenever a person going to die, it was somehow quite predictable which killed the anticipation and intensity of the movie itself...

Not to mention that the movie also offered in 3D version. Luckily I did not watch the 3D ver, if not I will faint on the spot. XD

2. Arashi - Iza, Now Tour DVD (Taiwan Re-release version)
3. Girls' Generation - 2nd Mini Album (GENIE) (Korea Ver)
4. V6 - GUILTY (1st Press Limited Edition A) (H.K Ver)
5. V6 - GUILTY (1st Press Limited Edition B) (H.K Ver)

Can't wait for all my stuff to arrive... especially Arashi's greatest hits album..I've been waiting that for AGES!!!

Arashi's ALL THE BEST album already certified million in Japan during its 13 day ..They manage to sell a million copies of their CDs in just 13 day...That was certainly a huge accomplishment and a great achievement to celebrate their 10th anniversary...In addition, they also just completed their consecutive 3 day anniversary tour in Kokuritsu, Japan with an jaw dropping 760,000 audiences attended it!!

Besides, they already occupied the 1st, 2nd & 4th position of Oricon Yearly Single Chart 2009 with their smash singles
1. Believe/Kumori Nochi Kaisei (654,530)
2. Crazy Moon - kimi wa muteki/Ashita no Kioku (619,234)
4. Everything (413,609)

Their Arashi Around Asia 2008 also selling like hotcake which also occupied 1st position in Oricon Yearly DVD Chart 2009 with sales exceeds 380,000...

As for their Greatest Hits album currently sitting still at 2nd place in Oricon Yearly Album Chart 2009, just behind Mr Children's Supermarket Fantasy (1.2 million). I bet they will overtake Mr Children sales and become No.1 selling album in Japan...Which means that they will stand a chance to dominate the 3 major Oricon chart!!! That is going to happen anytime SOON!!

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