Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my late 'happy birthday' post to JOLENE & LI LING

First and foremost, I would like to say 'HAPPY BELATED B'DAY' to one of my best 'Ji Mui' ever- JOLENE and the HAM SAP LING aka onn li ling...hahaha :)

Secondly, I would also like to apologize to Jolene and Li Ling because that day I was busy with many phone calls to deal with unsettle transportation issues with my cultural anthropolgy field trip and eventually kinda neglect them yet kinda moody...I hope you guys understand my situation for that day... :(

~Hope you guys enjoy your 19th b'day~

Last Friday (18 September, 2009), Jolene invited me to have belated b'day celebration together with her and li ling at Tony Roma's Sunway Pyramid...

Well, she also got ajak others like wen chooi, sook mun, winnie, wu ying (ying ying), and sexy swee!!!

Seriously, I wasn't so convinced where everyone was circulating the fact that Tony Roma's serving portion was big enough for 2 person..I finally get to proved myself wrong with my own eyes...

It turned out that 5 of the main course that we had ordered are LARGE!!
We shared among each others and suprisingly I found out that it was not up to my expectations. Although I do sound kinda pro here, but it just that nothing special about it...

But one of the dessert that Sook Mun order is the Chocolate Avalanche!!
I should said that this dessert was way too luscious, seducive and mouth watering...
It hold that certain fascination that makes you craving for more...
Basically is 3 scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with hot-baked chocolate brownies!!

Imagine icy cold creamy vanilla ice cream meet with the irresistable hot brownies and it was like having a 'WAR OF THE CENTURY' inside your mouth !! I know I do exaggerate over a small dessert but trust me , if anyone were to visit Tony Roma's for meal, I highly recommend Chocolate Avalanche...

lamb steak

i forgotten wht is this..but i think is mash potatoes and some chicken thing~

buffalo sandwich....not really nice anyway!

myojo chicken burger..

grilled chicken salad...Nice!!

the queen of all desert

just look at it also sufficient enough to make any choc lovers faint!

Last Wednesday, as usual, chilled with deedee, ann and guai after class at snowflake AGAIN!!

ann is busy with her calls

the deedee ask me to take picture of her pouring the white liquid thing..'mou liu'


bee's hand moves

some fried mee at Asia Cafe
okay..this is weird!! ROTI MILO and it was RM2.50..damn it

Shall blog more about my trip to Tanjung Sepat...stay tune!!

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