Friday, October 2, 2009

Tanjung Sepat Trip...

I should have make a post about the trip since last week when I returned from Tanjung Sepat but last week until this week was extremely least now still managed to slack a bit...

Well, Poulina, Shu Wan, Jarod and myself had our trip to tanjung sepat on last wednesday...I meet Poulina at Klang KTM station around 8a.m. Then we left Klang to continue our journey once Jarod had arrived.... (Shu Wan is the driver of the day)

We basically passed by Banting then to Morit...When we reach Morit, we actually stopped by Morit Beach and have a look (* actually i was looking for toilet, if not we wouldn't stopped at there). One particular thing that suprised me the most is that the toiler there extremely CLEAN and WELL MAINTAINED :)

After that, we continued our journey for another half an hour and we finally reached Tanjung Sepat ..

we registered ourselves at the local police station to infom them that we are INTI student who are doing research with approval letter from our lecturer

After that, we headed straight to the coffee shop which is owned by one of Shu Wan's relatives...

We asked quite some question from Shu Wan's aunty regarding some info about the residents that lived in Tanjung Sepat...We also did recording, it is impossible for us to drop down every single word she said...Shu Wan's aunty also treated us with their home made fragrant coffee...The coffee was smooth and the price was cheap (less that RM1.00)

they were busying discussing...

i'm the one taking pic

the fragrant coffee...NICE....

Later on, we proceeded to our next stop which is also the Hai Yew Heng pao store because Tanjung Sepat is famous for the pao...Pictures will explain more, enjoy!!

outside of the store which manufacture to pao..

ready to be steam!!

the flour dough for making to pao

one of the filling for the pao...Mui Choy (salted vegetables)

the price list

some of famous tv personality visited this place just for the pao...

even Jason also been here b4

our pao!! we ordered 2 mui choy pao & 2 pork meat pao.

look at the mui first i was not convinced, after the 1st bite, LOVE IT...

the pork meat pao with EGGS...still preferred the mui choy filling

Later on, we also visited a lingchi mushroom factory...The factory cultivate variety of mushroom but they are famous for their lingchi and their lingchi based products...We was told that lingchi is extremely bitter and it has many medicinal properties which benefits human...

Some of the lingchi based product are weird such as lingchi toothpaste, lingchi shampoo, lingchi conditioner and many more...I was like ' what happened to my hair after using the lingchi product, will it grow lingchi on my hair?' ( dumbo benny =.=)

Ganofarm Homestay

this is mushroom and 100% edible

pretty right...Yellow mushroom, also edible

shu wan with those bitter taste lingchi.. XD

lingchi...not 'leng' at all

mushroom chips!! I wonder how it taste like
lingchi honey with apple cider... =.=
lingchi with honey
the lingchi drink...some are a lil bitter

Later on, we also went to pig farm and it was one thing i've ever experienced...

The thing that bother me the most is the stench of the pig...Somehow, the stench of the pig are unbearable for me and Jarod. But the girls can tolerate which kinda make both of us embarrased...I even noticed death pigs arounds...

I go to the pig farm just for the sake of my research project. Otherwise, I would not go again because I almost puke because of the stench... :(

the worker are feeding the pigs

cute but dirty


look at the huge pig head...

I bet I stinks like hell after finishing the pig farm...Somemore the weather is freaking hot...
In addition, we are hungry as helll...We can't wait to feed ourself with some awesome seafood..

Luckily, we almost acquired every information needed....So, Shu Wan's aunty brought us to a seafood restaurant to have dinner... *prepare to get jealous, readers*

clams...the gravy is *heaven*

deep friend prawn...

deep friend vegetables..someho similar to vegetables tempura

fu chow fishball with tong fun...there are minced pork meat inside..

fish ball noodles fry with dark sauce...My fav among all dishes!!!

Our final stop is the lovers bridge..nothing much though..the view and scenery was nice

the striking sunlight =.=

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