Saturday, October 3, 2009

My recent J-POP and K-POP collection

Its been quite some time since I update about my collection...
Once again, I've been conned AGAIN by BEE regarding my CDs arrival on last Thursday...
She asked me out to mamak because she said she wanna drink MILO AIS...
Then I was like 'At home no MILO kar?? ' She said she miss it =.=

She come and pick me up then we head straight to BistroAfter long chat and tons of laughter with her and Chii Min, she sent me home.
Actually I do think that she might hide it again at besides the driver's sit drawer there
Cuz she did that once b4 for my previous CD...
Then I think twice, cannot be she hide it there again mar...

Guess what, when I reached home, she handed me a plastic bag with 2 parcel inside from behind the driver'seat...
Then again, I was SPEECHLESS...I didn't come across that she might hiding behind... =.=

By the way, so happy that my stuff had arrived safely..haha...
Previously I still have the thinking that my stuff might had lost cuz its been 2 weeks since it shipped out.


Finally...after all those waiting.. It is on my HAND now...

out of print already...precious!!

total 3 CDs with 42 tracks...

Iza Now concert DVD...can't wait to watch it

the concert DVD with small booklet

another my 'LOVE'!! SNSD's 2nd Mini Album - Genie

recommended tracks - genie, etude, my child, and one year later(this particular song is a duet within snsd's jessica and SHINee's onew, damn nice ballad)


*cheers* them all...

tiffany looks extremely gorgeous here

taeyeon..looks stunnig as usual

sexy ladies *tiffany*Yoona*Jessica*

V6's GUITLY (ver .B)

GUILTY (ver.A) They exudes sophistication and sleekness in the video 'GUILTY'

another no. 1 single for them....YAY

super junior M - 1st album (ME) *bought this sungei wang 2 weeks ago...

i'm impressed with their chinese pronunciation...their songs are great too

SNSD first album - BABY BABY (repackaged ver.)

definitely looking forward for their future release

inner layout

the booklet...all of them are cute :)

they looks really natural here

SUPER JUNIOR M 1st mini album - SUPER GIRL (korea ver.) with 2 bonus track (super girl and blue tomorrow in korean language)

hankyung looks damn sophisticated andhandsome in black suit :)

henry also looks cute in it...also DONG HAE...haha

the inner booklet

ryeowook looks kinda funny with those glasses

the poster...I really wanna put it on my wall but I'm scared with damages on it =.= (this was free when I bought from sungei wang. But if buy from yesasia it cost RM100+ togetjher with the album)

2007 SUMMER SMTOWN (the reason I bought this particular SMTOWN CD is because Super Junior's Happiness song and video are in it) ..but others song by BoA, TVXQ, Kangta are great too

back cover of the SMTOWN album...pretty much considered rare now!! since it was out of print in yesasia...LUCKY ME

all my arashi's collection...still growing

all these concert by arashi are pure amazing!!

arashi's concert DVDs

completed their albums...

Next target would be
1. Super Junior Happy - Cooking ? Cooking ! (mini album)
2. Super Junior - Super Show Concert DVD
3. Ayumi Hamasaki - Sunrise/Sunset - Love is ALL- (single)
4. Arashi PV Collection DVD
*Regarding about Arashi's PV Collection DVD, it would be released in Japan next month. It contained all the music video from A.RA.SHI until Crazy Moon - kimi wa muteki- .
The PV collection DVD is a definitely must buy for all arashi's fans especially to those who unable to collect all the limited edition single which feature music video from them...Seriously can't wait...I think the DVD contain about 33 videos...

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