Monday, October 12, 2009

Almost done...SUPER JUNIOR!!!

As for today, I also handed in my Macroeconomics asignment...So relief because I will not see those brain damaging statistic figure...Phew!!!

Well, basically I only left my Malaysian Studies report which due date next week and me and my group were completed it. This week also will have the Malaysian Studies test 2 and next week will the presentation for it....

Everything come and go in a very pace and I've not collapse yet...By the way, although it was tiring but when you see the final product of all your 'sweats and blood' effort, it will put a smile on your face :)

Luckily throughout the week, my favorite music help me go thru all the up and down which definitely help out alot though!!!

First of all , thanks to SUPER JUNIOR'S Haengbok (Happiness). This song really cheers me up and the video always made my day...

Secondly, thanks to Arashi's ALL THE BEST 1999-2009 album...Although I've yet to listen all the song in it because almost all the song I've already listen before :P

Finally, also thanks to SUPER JUNIOR HAPPY AND SUPER JUNIOR M...haha

All the song in it have some sort of 'magical healing power' that will makes me feel HAPPY!!!

Wait...throughout the last 2 weeks, I've also meet up quite oftenly with Hock Hua, my buddy since form 4...and also Li Ling ...Go makan lar, yumcha lar, basketball lar...haha..Although they were full with craziness, but they are actually very good friend of mine!!

Well, come back to my Jpop obsession. I've discovered that some of my favorite artist are releasing some stuff due next month...Here are the list that I MUST BUY!!!

1. Arashi - 1999-2009 ALL THE BEST PV Collection (DVD)
2. Arashi - MY GIRL (Single)
3. NewS - NEWS Live Diamond Concert (DVD)
4. Coming Century/20th Century - 20th Century Live Tour 2009 Honey Honey Honey / We are Coming Century Boys Live Tour 2009 (DVD)

Damn it...must save from now on...

taken last 2 week where ling and hock hua brought me to try this pan mee stall in sungei way, PJ
quite nice!

accompany with dumplings


had this silky smooth tau fu fah at the newly open restaurant in ss15 ..JoJo pan mee

this dumpling is special becuz the filling inside got century egg beside mince meat!

the pan mee from JoJo Pan mee restaurant..!! so many pan mee shop open at ss15...damn it, flour price decrease meh??

ning's baby full moon


SUPER JUNIOR M with SNSD's Ice Princess (Jessica)..pretty in RED

SUPER JUNIOR HAPPY...their mission is to make everyone HAPPY when listen to their music

SUPER JUNIOR with 13 members of them!!

HANKYUNG/HANGENG!! He is so handsome!!

only Chinese member in SUPER JUNIOR!! The rest of SUJU member always tease his Korean accent cuz it still carried sort of Chinese slang!!!

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