Friday, October 16, 2009


My grandmother come and visit me this during this week...So my dad decided to bring us go eat japanese buffet...I love japanese food...I"M IN HEAVEN!!!

We head to Sheraton Hotel, PJ to have our Japanese buffet dinner at MIYAKO..

Less words, more picture!!!... :)

Defintely one tempting POST!!! So, bare with it... :P


damn it...the is first thing I saw when I sitted...creepy & spooky although it was an traditional japanese culture stuff!! =.=


look at those mini tomatoes... *DROOLS*

and this!! cawan mushi...who don't like this anyway??

my all time fav...sashimi, white tuna and octupus..this is LOVE~~

hot soba

slurpsss, LALA and squids

cod fish... i think it was kinda over grilled =.=

another fav japanese dish of mine... CUKA WAKAME...

japanese garlic rice..

chicken kurage with sweet sauce!!

tempura with the raddish sace thingy!!

the interior design

gree tea ice cream with red bean paste..YUMMAY!!

variety of ice cream!!

my creation..chocolate+strawberry+corn+vanilla+yam+green tea

*Patiently waiting for my Super Junior's Sorry Sorry album (Ver.D) ... ^.^

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