Saturday, October 31, 2009

Finals are over...Officially completed my 5th semester!!

my 5th semester was a blast though!!!
all those rushing moments of assignments, test, presentation really makes me feels 'suffocated'
but now everything are over, 2 month break are waiting for me!!

Seriously, there was too much drama during this semester, especially in handling those assignments issues with my friends...Pheww!!!

But there are enjoyable moments too such as the unforgettable trips to Tanjung Sepat...*Ahh, I miss it so much!!!

By the way, I just finish my finals since thursday and it was still ok for me...Just hope everything turns out to be alright!!

My parents are now at Xiamen, China for their business trip. And because of that, I can't go out at night for the coming 5 days until they are back...So frustrated!!
Yea , I know, I'm the eldest and I have to take care of the house and so on...No choice but to oblige my responsibilities!!!

Some of my friend finish their exam on friday *(one day later than me), so I waited for them to finished their exam and we all headed to IKEA to have our lunch...I bet almost everyone know IKEA restaurant cafe are famous for their meatballs...Actually, due to my freedom constraints, I was quite skeptical at first whether I should join them or not because IKEA was like quite far from Subang though, but I still decided to went out with them eventually!! (blame the meatball temptation since I've yet to try those meatballs b4 =.=)

Here some picture to feast on, Readers!!!

IKEA restaurant cafe

this is highly recommended!! DAIM Cake. The DAIM i mentioned here is the DAIM Chocolate thing!! taste superb, I dare everyone to try this and U WILL CRAVE FOR MORE!!!

the famous meatballs!!! with some dunno what sauce and cranberry sause..this is HEAVEN!!!

MINE!! free flow of cuppucino, 5 meatballs and a DAIM cake...It only cost RM12.50..totally worth it!!

closer view of the MEATBALLS..I know it is very tempting!!! *DROOLS*

Guat Ai can't wait to start her meal XD
same as Thian Hoe!!

Shane already can't wait...too delicious!!

3 pretty ladies...guat ai * liya * alicia.. where is Ezen??

We're were too full and take a walk around IKEA...It's been ages since the last time I visit IKEA...Really love those design and their housing product!!!

We take picture all around and fool ourselves all around because FINAL is over mar...!!

those are for dining purpose :S
oh no...the alligator eating my head!! =.=

wanna have some tea, anyone??

ezen and guat ai!!

guat ai and liya..with their plush toy!!

grab from ezen's facebook...for kiddiess

dead Benny on the table with Ezen's peace hand sign .. +.+

ezen...guat ai and shane!! and BENNY =.=

they are tired d..relaxing on couch!

I shall blog more next time...Going to watch Marley and Me Now... :)

the oh so gorgeous Ayumi Hamasaki!!!
the freakin' cute Taeyeon with her huge Teddy Bear!!!
promoting for some snack thingy!! without Kibum :(

Full of happiness video shot..Again...withouhg KyuHyun!! :(
Haiz..again..without KIBUM!!! he is busy with other project though =.=

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