Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Last Friday, me and shu wan went to parade with the intention to buy some goodies for our cultural anthropology trip...We planned to buy cookies or maybe biscuit will do...

At first she assumed that subang parade got Jusco, but when she reached there and ask me where is Jusco and I was like 'Huh? parade where got Jusco? Got Cold Storage only lar' =.=
After listening to my explaination, she say she rather go to Jusco in Klang which located near her house...

Since we were at parade, so we just wondering around...
Until something NEW AND WORTH TO CHECK OUT appeared in front of my eyes!!
The SHILIN TAIWAN STREET SNACKS was finally opened. Many will say 'Cheh, what's the big deal, pyramid also got lar'...But for me, pyramid is much further than parade mar..haha

This taiwanese snacks thingy was first introduced to me by Guai Guai, my college friend..
She says that the Hand Made Oyster Mee Suah and the Sweet Plum Potato Fries was not bad when we first tried it out at pyramid...

Besides, they were also famous for its XXL Crispy Chicken and Seafood Tempura..
Since it was newly opened, I told shu wan to give the sweet plum potato fries a try...She says it tastes great.
The fries was sprinkled with the sweet plum powder which is a perfect combo for it...
* BEE, find one day, I belanja u try this!! :)

shi lin taiwanese street snacks...must try

sweet plum potato fries
After that, we go get some awesome bubbletea which also newly opened in parade.
I think the shop name is called Cool Blog...
They offered many variety of drink ..lazy to list all...but it worth a try too!!
But somehow I think I ordered something very weird..


When I was looking at the people preparing the drink, I was like 'Damn! It looks weird wei! '
The final product is not attracting at all... :(

The colour was somehow looks like the colour of green bean tong sui...Some more with all those crushed oreo, I bet the taste was totally ruined.

As I expected, it does taste similar to green bean tong sui... :P

COOL BLOG...very colourful right? I know this is one of melanie's fav drink...!! :)

shu wan's chocolate bubble tea...the chocolate flavour was thick!!

look at mine!!! it was in green bean colour ...weird!

Later on, I go and buy my SUPER JUNIOR 3rd album -SORRY SORRY Ver.C

At first, I was still skeptical at super junior's music. But when they released SORRY SORRY which is immensely popular throughout Asia, I started to took notice on them :)

The lead single of the album 'SORRY SORRY' was described as funk, dance song with a catchy hook and chorus..I wasn't so into SORRY SORRY at first but it grow on me when the more I listen to it.

However, what really prompt me to purchase their 3rd korean album is the 2nd single 'It's You' of the album which is only included in the repackaged version of the album (version C)...
The group described the song as a 'mellow yet trendy dance song'

When it was first aired in MTV, I was immediately crazy over the song...In fact in my opinion, it was better than SORRY SORRY...So, I was determined to get the album...

Since it almost sold out in most record store and few copies was left in Speedy Video parade, I quickly secured my copy of it before it was nowhere to be found..

Yet again, I was not dissapointed at my decision to buy it because every track in the album was able to impress me when I first listen to it...

Recommended track:
1. It's You
2. Let's Not...
3. Love Disease
4. What If
5. Happy Together
6. Shining Star
7. Angela...

I particularly adore their ballad songs especially Let's Not and What If...It was beautifully sung and carries a melodious melody...

SUPER JUNIOR -3rd album -SORRY SORRY ..my 1st purchase from them!

version C comes with additional 4 new songs

inner layout...a special layout booklet and 40 page booklet

As for Sunday, went to Mid Valley with my family...
Nothing special though. Morning yumcha at TaiThong then went shopping at Mid Valley...

bought this ONIGIRI at JUSCO!

the salmon tuna filling was so little...and ALL iS RICE!! =.=

To be honest, walking Mid Valley to The Gardens and from the Gardens to Mid Valley was like an exercise...My foot is seriously pain like hell. Well, me and bro decided to chilled at Starbucks a while waiting for my parents to finished shopping...

i stay faithful to my GREEN TEA ICE BLENDED...this time i choose without cream :P

My parents finally finished their shopping & my dad is making me jealous because he just bought a blackBURBERRY T-shirt from the Gardens. He asked me to wait for one year then he will pass it to me..=.=

Then we dined in OH SUSHI restaurant....At first glance, I think it was some ordinary sushi restaurant but suprisingly many people dined in the restaurant.. @>@

The food was not bad...I ordered the tempura bento which is far better than I thought..
The japanese garlic rice left me craving for more... :)

the interior design...dim light and traditional japanese 'tang long'

my bento set...quite generous serving portion!

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