Sunday, August 16, 2009

Officially completed my 4th semester..All the best 4 Han Sen!

I just finished my finals on last Friday and also ended my 4th semester at INTI...

To be honest, the semester was fun yet torturing. I know it might sound a little exaggerating compared to those who take 5 subject because I only take 4..

I will totally miss Speech Communication class because I really enjoy it although it was kinda terrifiying at first to give speeches in front of class...Those hilarious moments and EPIC drama will be engraved forever in my memories...

Ok...Since my finals are over, as usual, 2 week break are awaiting for me to "ENJOY" or shall I say for me to "SUFFER"??

I have totally no plan for this break...Hmm, wait..I do have a plan!
I really need to shed away some extra pounds!!
Let's hope I can maintain some consistency for my upcoming plan...haha

Besides, I need some movies for my visual pleasure..Let me recall since when is the last time I went to cinema?? Probably 2 month ago??
I need to catch up with awesome movie like The Proposal which I've been dying to see for quite some time since it release.

Everyone is looking forward for their anticipated holidays. I'm like the only human who hope the next semester start as early as possible. I kinda used to the fast paced college life which has been going on for 1 year already.

By the way, my parents just get me a pair of new Addidas shoe last week which I forgot to blog about it!!
I love the pattern and the colour of it!! Thanks you so much!
my parents get it from 3.6 store in pyramid...dunno wat store is that..

tadaa..addidas signature box with the 3 white stripe

YAY...look at PRETTY..haha..I feel so reluctant to wear it...

I only wear it once to college...So scared to wear it =.=

Recently, I've discovered a place that make me go crazy over it because of the food they serve!!

A restaurant to serve all GREEN TEA associated food!!!

Green tea noodles lar, green tea cake lar, green tea salad lar...and many more not to mention that they also serve GREEN TEA ICE BLENDED with red bean topping which enough to make me 'faint'!!!

The restaurant was located in The Gardens, just opposite Mid Valley!
I still need to find a opportunity to persuade my parents to let me go there with my friends or maybe with Bee because I recommended her that place!

This is it!! OChacha Restaurant!! taken from Seventeen mag!!

Almost forgot!! My buddy HAU HAN SEN is going to U.S to continue his studies!!! What can I say about this guy??

Smart, Goofy, Friendly, Kind, Helpful, Cheerful, easy going, crazy over clothes, never watch horror movie which he hated it a lot...

Basically everything positive that anyone could possibly think of. He can be considered one of the few human on the planet that I know who possessed all those qualities...Kinda sad that he is leaving Malaysia!! I mean if you know him, you will definitely know that the his friends circle are really broad and I bet everyone had good impression on him and get along well with him..THIS TIME I AM NOT EXAGGERATING! :)

Here are some picture of him... :)

Han Sen with Melanie..they are close friend too!

Han Sen * Benny (2007)

Taken during my 17th b'day!

In Subang parade!! Also celebrating my b'day (2008)

candid by me..haha

haiz..kinda blurry!!

At Itallianese!! (2009) always..My sleepy eyes
Ending this post with V6 picture!!! take me quite some time to seach for it

V6... Love all their song..
ken miyake and junichi okada (coming century) !

its been 14 years..thats long!

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