Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Le Meridien buffet dinner!!

Last Saturday, my mum's friends invited her to have buffet dinner at Le Meridien hotel which located right besides Hilton Hotel ,KL...and I was invited too because somehow I was close to her friends...haha

Although I've been to Hilton KL but I have yet to notice the Le Meridien hotel. Maybe I was oblivious of its existence =.=

But who cares...As I enter the lobby, my attention was quicly being captured by the artistic yet astonishing interior design...
The ambience and the surrouding was kinda gloomy. The stairs also decorated with mini candles!! How lovely was that.

The place that we are dining in is called 'Latest Recipe' (* I know, sounds like Secret Recipe :)
The chocolate and white chocolate fountain was the first thing I saw as I enter...what a nice visual pleasure for me

What can I say more about the dinner ? Great, perhaps ?
OYSTER, SALMON, TEPPANYAKI, SALAD, DESERT (the white chocolate is da BOMB)...here are some just to name a few of it!!

Le Meridien

the entrance..so pinkish!

the lovely candles along the stairs

latest recipe...

saw that...
chocolate fountain...kinda sweet
this is it...white chocolate fountain..however, this is way too sweet compare to chocolate =.=

Look, they purposely put it centre to SEDUCE everyone!
the salad
the salad dressing was creative...it was all in tube!
my LOVE..sashimi
more sashimi..especially white tuna! *spot that octopus over there! I actually ate it and it taste unexpectedly FINE!
mine...oyster with tabasco sauce is an indulgence!
the raw seafood section..*spot that white thingy on the left, it was ABALONE!
prawns and oyster! yummay
this is my guilty pleasure..the teppanyaki which included scallops and shrimps served with some creamy sauce..


  1. Dear Benny,

    Greetings from Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur.

    Thank you for dining in Latest Recipe. We really appreciated your feedback and we’re glad that you liked the food and the atmosphere.

    We would like to ask if we could feature a link to your blog site, http://benny-buny.blogspot.com, in Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur’s dining website, www.lemeridiendining.com.my in our REVIEW page. Basically the dining website is a place that features in detail our various food and beverage outlets and through the site you can view our latest promotions and also make dining reservations online.

    We would also like to ask if you could include a link to our dining website in your blog.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you very much and have a great weekend ahead.

    With regards,

  2. hey there. I already sent you an e-mail regarding the link at your website and I've added a link of your dining website at my blog.
    Thanks for the comment anyway.