Friday, June 26, 2009

finally...presentation over...!! PICTURE moments!!

yesterday I just finished my philosophy of religion presentation, although i was not too satisfied with my overall performances but still a good try for me, my group member and other group..Congratulation to others!!!

our group was second to present..too bad one of our group member, LiAnn, could not make because she was sick!! But we still carry on ....thanks a lot to my group members (Guai, Denise & LiAnn). We really work well and put much effort for this presentation. Thanks everyone!!

After that, as expected, major camwhore session for the girls...I do join them for memories...hehe

Later on, we head to Yuen Steamboat to treat ourself after all those hardwork and also to celebrate Lea Yee birthday...


GROUP PIC...ARGH , my sleepy eyes again ><"

Shyyee looks cool with that hat!!

goofy GUAI with me's over...let's take picture!!


choy hui*GUAI* BEN* denise

half face siao po, guai, dark ben & half face denise!!


my group member excludes out the choy hui...!!!haha

US again!!

haiZZ...everyone with their goofy face!
this is normal shots!!
y is choy hui laughing!!! ^^
denise*choy hui* GUAI

happy birthday Lea Yee!!

at sweet cafe!!
having lunch
super full human

fire is on guai hand...seriously

choy hui is standing aside like stranger!
blow and make a wish


feel so guilty cuz i forgot her name!!! she remember my name =.=
the beautiful miss maztini 1st sem marketing lecturer
guai ask me pose this when she send me home!! i'm vain???
that's all!!!

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