Friday, June 12, 2009

craving for coffee bean...BEP and The Veronicas's latest album

I have this craving for coffee bean ice blended after my class on thursday. So, I decided to head to subang parade to satisfy of craving!!

I ordered chocolate banana ice blended and it tasted superb!!
but somehow I found it was a little too sweet!!
I studied philosophy of religion at coffee bean for about 1 hour then ciao!!

Later on, I go and buy BLACK EYED PEAS latest album 'The E.N.D'
usually i won't buy hip hop r&B music
but I made an exception this time for BEP!!
their latest song 'boom boom pow' is way tooo addictive for me!!
I tell myself to give them a try and it turn out that their latest album totally rocked!!!
electropop, memorable hooks and beats, dance are what you will get from their latest album!!!

Besides, I also get The Veronicas's album 'Hook Me Up'!
the aussie twins sister never failed to impressed me with their latest music!
the previous album 'the secret life...'which is pop rock album was a huge hit in Australia and seriously made me a huge fans of them!!
During secondary school, almost all my friends know I crazy over them!!! (haha) and influenced Sheen to like their music!!
Now with their 2nd album out, I really got hooked up by their brand new combination of electronica pop, dance, disco, edgy rock style of music!!
totally worth the wait!!! & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

there is a japanese food fair going on in parade!! this is what I bought from there!!

the veronicas's 'hook me up'!! YAY

Black Eyes Peas 'The E.N.D' totally rockin' I also got a free T-shirt!!

banana chocolate ice blended! I should go for no sugar added next time

the veronicas!!! :)
love them til death!!

my mum bought me chocolate indulgence and new york cheese cake from secret recipe to celebrate my b'day on tuesday night !!! I told her not to buy whole cake because I've been eating tons of cakes lately...haha...



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