Sunday, June 7, 2009

morning trip !!!

Last Friday, my philosophy of religion group member head to the buddhist temple to gather our final information..We went there as early as, it sounds a bit crazy...Even my mum also call me nuts...

But in order to capture the monk chant during the morning, we have to arrive very early..However, we were to early when we arrived. So, I-Hsuan camwhore addiction haunt her again... From standing on top of her car boot to laying down the floor as a dead corpse on the MAIN ROAD...YES!! I DID MENTION MAIN ROAD!!!

Minus all the camwhoring thing....At last, we did manage to accomplished our mission...YAY...

still dark...creepy...

dead body!!! eyes are like PANDA d...Sorry , rachel!!!

literally bored til death humans
oh..another candid shots...caught red handed

finally, the light has finally shown up a little.

mysterious feel, anyone??

After that, hong kong dim sum is the best choice to feed our hunger...We head to this restaurant call Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant. The prices offered are reasonable...

prawn chee cheong fun!! yummay

siew mai, prawn dumpling and chicken feet!!

look at all those tempting and luring pastries..*drools*
sudah habis...satisfaction guaranteed

the menu...

this is the GEM!!! just baked and the filling is hot!! my GOD... *HEAVEN*

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