Thursday, June 11, 2009

JUNE 7 out with parents at KLCC

Although my birthday was like 2 days ago...many memorable yet joyous moments happens to me ...

On Sunday morning, me and my sis company our parents to Amcorp Mall to do their facial at dermalogica...Me and my sis were like wondering around the flea market that was organize there...There was like tons of things to buy, mostly rarity products....I was so tempted to buy a second hand Christina Aguilera first album that was selled by one of the seller there...the price was like RM20 only..Most of all, it is still brand new and original which totally fit my REQUIREMENT!!!!! somehow certain thing still hold me back and I did not buy it eventually..

After that, we start our shopping session at KLCC during afernoon...Typical family sunday outing for us...We went to BURBERY ( I almost got one t-shirt from burbery but somehow its still to EXPENSIVE after discount!!!) , GUCCI, LOUIS VUITTON, GUESS, FENDI and many more lar...Just looking around.

after all the shopping, my dad was like asking me whether what I want for my b'day present...My head was blank cuz I have almost everything....Until he mentioned a brand new phone, then I start considered about it...After all the fuss about what to get for my b'day, I still couldn't made up my mind... then i told my dad to hold on first...haha

we were all so tired after all the walking...we head to Sheraton Hotel to have buffet dinner to celebrate my b'day in advance...thanks a lot to my parents..!!!

We had snacks at Delifrance to chilled a lil bit.My leg tak boleh tahan all the walking, the pastries was EPIC delicious man!!!

my all time fav ESPRIT sparkling juice
mixed fruit tart

assorted pastries!

delifrance signature baguette bread with KAYA
blueberries tart...

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