Thursday, June 11, 2009

JUNE 9 2009... freaking touched....

today was my official date for my b'day..I go to college as usual

wait..!! I must blog about this..some of my friend wished me happy birthday at 12a.m which includes swee huan, jolene, choy hui and so on

i was early for class on that day and Lay Von, one of my college friend, wishes me happy birthday..thanks to her. After that, I was like being greeted by many of my friends from college and several message from my secondary school friends...I would like to mention their name to express my gratitude towards them...

1. tian xin
2. denise
3. ann
4. guai guai ( I-Hsuan)
5. molly
6. shu wan
7. liya
8. suthesh
9. jia wei
10. melanie
11. michelle
12.chii min
13. Sheen
14. Li Chuen
15. CK (kwok kher)
16. Jiat Yeen
17. Sai Yung
18. Wei Yiing
19. Mei Foong
20. ying ying
21. chui wern

Such a long list, huh!!! I can feel all my friends sincerity and freaking 'touched' by all of them!! Thanks again, my friend, you all really made up my day!!!!!

After class, we head to Snowflake to chilled out...However, it turn out to be a celebration for me!!! Denise and I- Hsuan sneak to Starbucks to get the Noir (Chocolate) cake for me!! Again, I can't help myself to say thanks to them!!

Pictures to feed my reader!!! enjoy!

my gang. btw, thanks denise for editing this picture..

star united!!!

everyone so excited for blowing candle!!

Ann..she also celebrating b'day (joking)

benny & siao po (choy hui)

the centre part is da bomb with the choc cookies!!!

my wish!!

I-Hsuan (POSER!! ) n bun!!

ann & Ben

luscious Noir cake from Starbucks!

whats wrong with effect? nice anyway!

again! haha, funny girl

I -Hsuan- benny - directionless siao po (choy hui, where u looking, there got camera meh?)


the delicious cake from starbuck!! my fav coffee

eh...sei yeh ar...your b'day meh?? haha

look at how this unique piece of 'art' exudes sexiness, lusciousness, temptation!!!

denise's order from snowflake ..sour ice something..forgot what it call

choy hui's signature snowflake specialty dessert!!!

mine...sweet potato with tau fu fah!!!

how can i ever forgot about this? This is from my special friend, Shu Wan!! ( I reconciled with her on my b'day after all the DRAMA and ARGUEMENT!! ) she get this super delicious green tea cake from RT PASTRY early the morning!!!

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  1. wei ! did i greet u happy bday ??? frgtn haha ... btw u had a party n din call me T.T