Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meet up with Rachel Wong...the BUSY BEE

Last Saturday night (25th April 2009)...I decided to meet up with Rachel Wong, one of my best friend...I had not meet up with her for quite some time since the last class gathering....

I took the initiative and gave a call and see whether she is available for dinner....I was informed she was free after the youth activities which is after 9.30...So, I called up some other friends (Wei Yiing, Chin Yong, Swee Huan, Sik Yee)..At first, we decided to meet up at Peppercorn Cafe but too bad it open till 10.30pm...For us, 9.30-10.30pm is inadequate....

Anyway, we called Rachel for many time until our hp almost explode (jk, not that serious :D)....Then I said "y dun we go look for her?'

We walk to Subang Square and we saw someone's back resemble Rachel's sister, Charmaine...It turn out that we are right...But somehow, we still couldn't look for Rachel...As time passed, Rachel finally called up and I say we are Subang Square. At first, she was quite blur and confused about what I've said until she saw us....She is so overwhelmed when she saw Wei Yiing...one of her best friend, which she had not meet up for quite some time...(hey, credit to me for inviting Wei Yiing....haha) Rachel instant reaction was like ' WEI YIING!!!!!!!' then rush to hug her...haha

After that, Rachel fetch me and Wei Yiing to the place where Wei Yiing parked her car. Actually, is only short distance but I insisted Rachel to drop us there...However, on our way to Rachel's car, I realize that she parked her car in some back street of the shop lots which is dark, dangerous and risky...(* Rachel, anything might happen to you if you park your car there. Hope you never park that kind of place anymore...)

Ok, then we finally headed to Pan's bakery for drinking session..Rachel not even take her dinner...(*At least eat something...if not you will faint ler)...Afterall, weird/eccentric /psychotic laughter(thanks to SWEE HUAN), crazy/lame jokes surrounded the atmosphere of the restaurant and everyone is having a good time...

We took some picture before we left...TADAA!!!!

sexy swee..benny..wei yiing...chin yong

sexy swee (nice effect on ur hand)..rachel...chin yong...wei yiing

benny...rachel (where is Sheen???) haha...BEE ar, should have join us mar, I bet u also miss rachel & rachel also miss u!!
sweee...rachel...wei yiing
wei yiing...rachel (Where is Melanie???) (With melanie, this 3 girl formed R.Y.M) haha
tada...this is Rachel...the children/panda lover...haha

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