Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can't wait for my upcoming CDs to arrive

Last week, I ask Melanie, one of my 'ji mui' to order some CDs from yesasia since she is ordering BoA's and Jolin's album...I ordered mostly Arashi's single and some NewS single...

here are my list:
1. Arashi - Believe/Kumori no Kaisei (CD+DVD Limited Edition A) (HK ver)
2. Arashi - Believe/Kumori no Kaisei (CD+DVD Limited Edition B) (HK ver)
3. Arashi - Aozora Pedal (CD+DVD Limited Edition B) (HK ver)
4. Arashi - Happiness (CD only Normal Edition) (JP ver)
5. Arashi - One Love (CD only Normal Edition) (HK ver)
6. NewS - Happy Birthday (CD only Normal Edition) (JP ver)
7. NewS - Hoshi wo Mezashite (CD only Normal Edition) (JP ver)

Seriously, I'm going to expand my Arashi and NewS collection even bigger...haha

p.s: thanks Mel for helping me order it...shall pay u back when u are back...

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