Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th...auspicious day?? -.-

Well. it's been quite some time I have not update my blog...

My parents are off to ShenZhen for a couple of days so I'm quite free these few days but that doesn't mean that I will rebel and fool around although I wanted too...Too bad, I'm a mummy boy so I would die rather than going against my parents (* I only go against if I don't agree with them, reasonable right?)

Finally, account 3 mid term is over and MIS assignment also handed in. Relief...

But still, my worst nightmare are about to haunt me in few more days. The creepy yet cell damanging AMERICAN GOVERNMENT mid term are on it ways...Damn...Nvm, GANBATTE for it...

Today, actually planned to watch DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION at pyramid but due to certain reasons, I pushed it till tomorrow...During evening, me and Eric head to SUMMIT for a walk. On the way reaching SUMMIT, we saw this huge banner regarding about the POPULAR BOOK STORE stock clearance where discount up to 90% ....At first, it did not caught our attention and yet we criticized it for no reason to have stock clearance since it yet to reach year end...Weird though...

However, since we were there, we decided to have a look and see perhaps there are something suitable for us...This is the time where me and Chin Yong go nuts, there are TONS of CDs on sales...The most important of all is that almost each items are 90% off....We searched for J-POP stuff for about almost 40 minutes and fill up basket till the fullest....Damn, I'm a CD psycho freak!!! I can't help myself, just like ladies couldn't help themselves on clothes and shoes right??....

I Sorted all the possible CDs that I wanted and here come my list
*Arashi's Single Collection 1999-2001 (Album) - $46
*Kinki Kids's D (Album) -$45.5
*Kinki Kids's H (Album) -$50.5
*Ayumi Hamasaki's INSPIRE (single) -$46.5
*BoA's My Name (Album) -$50
*Namie Amuro's So Crazy Tour DVD -$105.5
*Namie Amuro's Can't Sleep, Can't Eat, I'm Sick (single) -$45.5
*Namie Amuro's 181920 Compilation (Album) -$85.5

Total without the discount is $465 ->After discount the total is $70++

I'm overwhelmed when I come across the existence of Arashi's CD, I feel like screaming..
but too bad there is that stupid partially incomplete yet ugly government sticker stick on the booklet and there a minor crack behind the casing...too bad...However, it still a GEM for me..

Eric only manage to purchased Winds's Ageha ($50.5) and BoA's Girls On Top ($46)
He only pay for approximate $26 for BOTH...

Actually, by right we might not have get our hand on this CD because we don't possesed a membership card. Today is the membership day where the member can enjoy the HUGE discount... When we queing in the line, we are informed that discount are applicable with the card. At this critical moment, the uncle behind was kind enough to pass his membership card to the cashier and help us out. We are blessed ... :O

There are many more items that I couldn't get my hand on it...Tmr , i shall try my luck again...hehe

Will post picture of all my recent purchase my J-POP stuff...

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