Saturday, March 14, 2009

5 Nekad Gathering 2009..

my beloved form 5 teacher, Puan Sasniwati and her fat cat :P


BENNY *MICHELLE (Nice shot...)

Oh...the famous *biatch* YING YING

SEXY SWEE & SOO LEE (busy chamwhore)

sheen*rachel*benny (traditional picture that only for 3 of us ,right Rachel?

Gosh, YING ...your smile is too.....??

SOO LEE * JOLENE...(thanks my camera phone for such nice shoot)

BEN * RASHMITRA *VIVIEN...( Theys looks prettier since the last time I saw time)

BEN * SOO LEE ( Shall take more picture with her...since we seldom meet)

( I attempt to get a perfect picture with ning but totally ruin by the mushroom queen & man tou jolene)

BEN * RACHEL (Hey there, I will get u present soon for ur belated birthday...)

that's the picture that we snapped during our gathering in pn sasni house..Didn't manage to take photo with others...Haiz, shall *steal* the group picture from FACEBOOK....

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