Friday, March 6, 2009


totally i went to pyramid with the intention to watch THE LEGEND OF CHUN LI alone...Eventually, I didn't watch it because...(i also don't know why)...

I've been wondering around in Pyramid for about 1 hour plus and I seriously can't withstand the boredom of walking around with no direction or any desired destination...Damn it...Pyramid is hell, sick of it...Why people can hang around in Pyramid frequently...

Suprisingly, the totally taxi fees that I paid from INTI to pyramid and from Pyramid back home was a small amount of charges...Unbelievable, it cost me a total of RM6 which is freaking cheap...I have my way...haha...*secret*

By the time I reach home, absolutely exausting...treat myself by tune the tv program to CHANNEL V...OH MY GOD, I cannot belive that V-TUNES are airing Asia music which comprise an hour of music from korean and japan...I managed to watch BoA's Kissing You, Girl Generation's GEE, Ai Otsuka's CHU LIP, EXILE's Ti AMO, SHINee's Amigo and Arashi's Beautiful Days.....I'm so thrilled to watch Arashi PV on the TV for the 1st time....Damn...

Some screen shot I took from my TV -.- (due to the fact that I'm over excited)

matsumoto jun

ninomiya kazunari

nino crying?

ohno satoshi


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