Friday, May 29, 2009

what an epic day to THAILAND'...then head straight to mid valley...

Due to the fact that I'm taking philosophy of religion, I'm required to submit an assigment regarding the buddhist temple..

So, we headed straight to P.J and search for the temple..Our first impression was like 'Woah!! Magnificient man...!!! Later on, we start looking around and look for peaple in charge. Besides, we also snap many photo which are essential for our presentation and also videocam some of the major activities that were going on...

After 1 and 1/2 hour of research...we headed straight to Mid Valley since we gather quite an amount to info for our group assignment...Topman & Topshop were on sales...My friend , I-Hsuan spend over RM170++ over a pair of pants and a belt...Speaking about LOADED, huh!!!

Later, I was also looking for some t-shirt at SODA..There is one quite suitable but didn't buy eventually..I do have sixth sense that my dad have extra BRANDED shirt that I able to wear since he always give me some of his shirt which only wear it less than 5 times such as GUESS, BURBERY...haha...( He did give me a POLO T-SHIRT tonight...lucky me)
After we dined at Little Taiwan to satisfy our annoying hunger...then we go over The Gardens...I was literally thirst to death due to the effin' hot weather. STARBUCKS is the solution...GREEN TEA ICE BLENDED as usual, my FAV!!

we went home around 4.30...I look for Eric to collect my long awaited CDs from melanie...Words can't describe how overwhelming am I at the moment...hehe

that's all...

entrance of Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple

my sincere praying...the monk sprinkle the water and chant along

i particular love this shot due to its angle and the amazing temple.

i-hsuan...benny...denise...ann...FANTASTIC FOUR...haha

we met a German tourist and we took pic with her...

and she even use her camera and took pic with friendly..

the golden statue

on the staircase

the scenery...We're in BANGKOK..!!!
SAVADIKA...(sorry if i ter-spelled wrongly..) mid valley

my cup of ICE BLENDED GREEN TEA..yummay!!

denise ***Lee Ann at Little Taiwan

my taiwanese friend I-Hsuan..with her lego..YES, we are at the toys department

haha..we enjoy it...

look at my creation...i know, lame right.. =.=

ninomiya kazunari photobook...which I bought at kinokuniya KLCC...

he is been dubbed as the guy who always looks 'FOREVER 17'...not fair right!!!

Finally, my order from melanie had arrived...Thanks...

Let's end my post with the ever gorgeous Ayu!!! KAWAII

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