Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BMW...anyone??? *Drools over BMW*

Me and my family visited BMW showroom located at KL because my parents were invited because they are BMW car owner and we get to enjoy the privileges as foods are served....

The models are mostly newly launched and almost ALL of the car models are EYE CANDY for me...If my dad were ask me such question : " Eh, choose your favorite then I'll get you one as your birthday present." , I think my brain would stop functing for 1 minute by stoning there and ask my brother to slap me for ensuring that I'm not dreaming...How I wish such impossible moment to happened for once in my life...It would be great ...
The AMAZING BMW...sporty, classy, elegant and sophisticated...
BMW 525i Sport
BMW 325i Sport

my favorite BMW 320i Sport

How I wish I could own it...*DREAMS*

BMW X5 3.0...the price for this can make anyone *faint* on the spot...RM568,800

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