Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Updates....I'm back...

Last Friday (8.05.2009) -

Went to Neway with chin yong, viviene, molly, lucas, li hong....Quite fun actually but I didn't really sing much due to EXPLOSIVE vocal from li hong which covered up my voice...haha...Later on when to pyramid with chin yong and his friend, Viviene, with the intention of watching Wolverine...I really wanted to watch this epic awesome show since it was annouced...But the seat were all taken for that day...Damn it...We ended up in Delifrance for some bites...

Lucas & Molly (her voice was so beautiful!!! )

Molly & Eric

Benny - Molly - Li Hong

Benny - Molly - Li Hong

Molly - Li Hong - Eric

Last Sunday (10.05.2009)-

Today is Mother's Day...I was kinda late in getting my mum a present. I wake up early the morning and head straight to the florist store to get something...I did managed to get something interesting. I don't know how to describe what it that...My mum looks happy when she received it..haha...She displayed it in the living hall of my house...

Curious what is that?? Let the picture do the talking...

My mum present !!!
Cute right...My taste not bad right!!! haha

I even got praised by other customer when I was telling about my idea for the extra light pink flower for the bottom!! hehe

This Monday (10.05.2009)-

Today I have 4 hours break, HOW LONG WAS THAT !!!! I decided to head to One U with Shu Wan...I couldn't remember when is the last time I went there...Quite some time...Since Shu Wan wasn't familiar with the direction , I lead her there...There is a 'small evil intention' why I choose to go One U...haha (To get my CD)...I've bought Arashi's latest single Believe / Kumori Nochi, Kaisei (First Press Limited Edition Version A) which come with a bonus DVD consist of Believe music video...Actually, this is not the only reason why I come here because since Shu Wan also seldom come here so I bring her here once a while still acceptable lor...(syok sendiri!!!)...On the other hand, both of us are captivated by this GARDEN CAFE...the interior and exterior design was so GREENISH and FULL with fake leaves, grass and so on...(OH damn, forgot to snap picture)...The cafe exudes serenity and looks very cozy...We decided to come here again next time...hehe

Arashi's latest single Believe / Kumori no Kaisei single...

Tuesday (12.05.2009)-

Today I need to deliver a speech for the topic 'Any major event that changed yourself'...I talk about my experience in obtaining my driving license...I was so freaking nervous and i messed up some points but overall performance was still ok...My lecturer said that my tone was kinda monotonous and lack interesting points that capture the attention of the audience...I will try my best again for the next time...CAMWHORED a lil bit before the speech..hehe

Me & I-Hsuan ( she is from Taiwan)

Finish watching Uta no Oniisan (Singing Big Brother) staring Arashi's leader, Ohno Satoshi and GIRL NEXT DOOR (J-POP BAND) lead singer Chisa also co-star in this drama. Besides Ninomiya Kazunari which I adored so much, Ohno kept impressed me with his unbelievable acting skills...This drama was more family/comedy oriented and possessed a lighter character compared with his previous drama, MAOU, which he portrayed a very dark character....Today, I had a little misunderstanding with Choy Hui...I would like to say sorry if I made any mistakes...Hope she don't think too much...

Leader & Sho Sakurai from Arashi (He had a cameo in Episode funny)

Uta no Oniisan DVD (I really miss this drama, will watch again when I'm free)

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