Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not my day...

Today seems to be a bit like a roller coaster ride...

I was in rushing to school to hand in my assignment before 12pm (anyway, Ms Kavi won't care right??)...But, there a few copies of my paper is with SHU WAN aka DUCK...(JOKING)...She also rushing but yet to be completed in time...I thought that she will pass to me by time i reached school. Since she is rushing, i go look for her in library and collect from her.

After collecting, i head to the IT office beside Baker's Cottage and submit my copy. LAter on, meet up with CHOY HUI aka SIAO POH...I was late for 10 minutes, luckily my Accout lecturer still waiting others to come in...if not i am going to miss my lesson...thank goodness..

I was sweating like mad cow when i reach my class ...Although i was kinda hot tempered before i enter the class but eventually cool down when things settled down.
Later on , i received my Account quiz and i got full marks 8/8...haha...although it was nothing, but still nothing to be proud of...

Ayu chan is releasing her latest single titled 'RULE/SPARKLE'. This hihgly anticipated single is the theme song for the upcoming movie 'DRAGONBALL-EVOLUTION'...Although I wasn't into it, but since ayu's song is feature in it, i've gotta support her to the fullest...YAY...

Ayumi Hamasaki's latest single 'RULE/SPARKLE'...definitely getting this.. :p

Dragonball-Evolution...prediction of box office success...50/50??...with production cost more than 100 million...intimidating figures..


  1. hahaha. didn't know you blog. link me okay? :)

  2. Hey! who says there is nothing to be proud of?
    Account 8/8! I'm so proud of you yay!!! next time i can boast around..

    "you know ahhh.. my fren ar.. hong yuen.. account got FULL MARKS wey! my fren you know! you got or not? you got or not? na-da na-da.."

    hahaha! just joking. won't boast =p

    it is something to be proud of Hong Yuen!