Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I finally made up my mind and started to blog. I cannot believe i wanted to blog since i've been commenting about others blogging. My GOD. TAN YING YING, somehow u are RIGHT

I AM SUCH A HYPOCRITE....*at times...not always...hehe

Actually, I wanna thanks TIAN XIN for helping me this computer idiot to start my blog which i appreciate very much. I hope u don't mind assisting me just now regarding the whole blog thingy :p

Nothing special happened in college, yeah...except being informed that TEST 2 for American Government are 2 weeks plus from now...Damn it, I must get good results this time if not HELL GATE are waiting for me ....

Since this is my 1st post, I totally run out of ideas what to write...Shall update tomorrow...

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